Thursday, 2 June 2016

14 - Staying sane long term

Heres another study that demonstrates how changing the way you think about stress might  change and improve your ability to cope with stress and respond well to it.

This brilliant TED talk by health psychologist Kelly McGonigal focuses on the same thing - how seeing stress as a harmful thing might make you more likely to encounter problems as a result of stress - whether you experience a lot of stress or not!

When it comes to the advice I give about never trying to do life alone, the best thing advice on how to address this comes from Matt Summerfield and Urban Saints: Live Life 123. This website (and the book that goes with it) advises us all to think very carefully about who supports us (and who we support) in our journey of life and faith - and to aim to have the following 6 people involved in our lives: 1 person who is ahead of us and who can mentor us and from home we can learn; 2 people who are at the same kind of level as us - running mates who can support us just as we support them as we do life together; 3 people we can mentor - they may not be younger than us in years but in terms of experience. Live life 123 focuses particularly on issues of faith and discipleship - but the principle applies to the whole of life as well. Want to understand it better in just 3 minutes? Watch this!

Refuel: How to balance work, life, faith and church - without burning out by Kate Middleton is available in paperback, priced £9.99. 

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