Thursday, 2 June 2016


Welcome to the website accompanying my book Refuel: How to balance work, life, faith and church - without burning out.

What this site is about is a whole host of extra resources which I have put together to help you think more, chat more and hopefully understand more about some of the topics Ive raised in the book. Youll find a whole host of things here - articles, videos, book recommendations - some serious, some more light hearted but all expanding the topics raised in the individual chapters of the book.

The material is organised by chapter, so once youve read each one, you can look at what extra things there are that might interest you, open up themes in more depth or answer questions you might have in your mind.

Of course, you can use these resources just for yourself, or they might be something you can chat about with others who have read the book. But I hope that these additional things will help you should you be looking to work through the book as part of a small group. Here youll find funny videos you can use to kick off a session, more in depth material should you want to take a topic deeper, and illustrations or ideas you can use with the whole group.

Bear in mind that this site isnt static - Ill be adding things as I come across them. Its also a useful space where I can let you know about events and conferences which might interest you - things I am speaking at or events from some of the organisations I work with. Ill also post links to articles and things I have written elsewhere on the web. If you want to be notified when there is something new to read here, sign up to receive the newsletter.

Thanks for reading! Kate 

Refuel: How to balance work, life, faith and church - without burning out by Kate Middleton is available in paperback, priced £9.99.

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